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Category: Police Sirens

Super Bright LED Dash Mount Light

In February of 2011, Assured Automotive Company introduced their new line of dash mounted emergency LED light bars.   In the last 6 months these LED light kits have been a huge success.

What makes these LED dash mount lights special, is simply the brightness of them.  Assured Performance dash mount bars can be seen a mile away, in some cases even further.  The technology incorporated into these kit are the difference between Assured Performance products and others.  The 16 LED fixtures use only a maximum of 13 watts, which means it will not draw from your battery life.

The Assured Performance dash mount light has an industry leading 15 flash modes.  Including a constant on mode (no flash).  Simple plug into a vehicle 12v cigarette lighter outlet, use the suction cups included with the kit to adhere to the front or rear window.  That is it, your ready to light up.

Another great feature is that the Assured Performance dash mount kit will also hold it memory.  Whatever flash mode you last set the light to, it will display the same mode next time you use it.  Even if you unplug the unit from the power source.

It doesn’t matter if your a law enforcement official, fire fighter, security officer, vehicle escort service, towing service, road maintenance or just an everyday road user.  Assured Automotive Company has the light kit colors for you.  The kits are available in RED/BLUEAMBER/AMBERCLEAR/AMBERRED/CLEARCLEAR/CLEAR.   The Clear/Clear model is very popular as an emergency warning light.  Stick it in your rear or front window when your broken down on the side of the roadway.  A great  devise to warn other drivers of trouble ahead so they slow down!!

See videos of each light on display: RED/BLUEAMBER/AMBERCLEAR/AMBERCLEAR/CLEAR.

Hands down, these are BEST dash mount lights on the market.


Are you looking for a loud siren & PA for your emergency response vehicle?

What you need is an easy install 100 watt or even 200 watt system.  Assured Automotive Company has what you are looking for in quality and service.

Assured Automotive Company has a 100 watt siren PA speaker kit for a far price.  The same unit sells retail for nearly double the price.  It has 5 tones which includes 4 siren tones and an air horn tone.  Everything you need to alert road users of your presence.  If that is not enough there is also a crystal clear PA system included with the siren kit.  The 100 watt speaker can be heard locks away.

If 100 watts isn’t enough wattage for your needs, you may want to invest in the Assured Performance 200 watt siren PA kit.  The ACHRYH-6200 is a very powerful unit that can be heard over a mile away.  The kit includes 7 siren tones plus an air horn warning tone.  Like the 100 watt kit, the 200 watt kit also has a PA included.

So whether your a volunteer fire fighter, a police officer or have a vehicle escort service, Assured Automotive Company has the siren kit you need.

All Assured Performance siren kits have weather proof solid state speakers.  So mounting in grill or engine compartment is not an issue.  Assured Automotive also offers FREE tech support for all there siren kits.

Assured Automotive Company is the answer for your warning device needs.