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Can I Improve My Gas Mileage With Air Suspension?

Between the slow economy and high gas prices everyone is trying find a way to save money. Installing an air suspension kit may help you do just that. Driving under load is when you use the most gas and spend the most money. If the loads you are moving are part of your livelihood, then you definitely want to take every step possible to save as much money as you can to improve your bottom line. Here are a few ways that an air suspension kit can save you money by improving your gas mileage.


This is a little off topic, but safety is every driver’s concern. An air suspension kit can help to level out the sag at the hitch. This puts you in firmer control of your vehicle. Adding an air horn to your vehicle will help you keep other driver’s ‘heads up’ and help you to avoid an accident. Avoiding an accident is better than finding out how good your insurance is.

ReduceĀ  Sag And Sway

One of the most common issues when you are towing a load is the sag at the hitch. This sag contributes to a few of the driving problems that can cause you too lose gas mileage. The first problem is that the front tires lose firm contact with the ground. This decreases the amount of steering control that you have. Next, the sag allows your load to sway at highway speeds. An air suspension kit levels your vehicle so that you are in complete control of your vehicle and decreases sway. Each of these issues demands more gas and, when eliminated, will help you to improve your gas mileage.

By simply putting you back in firm control of your vehicle and load, an air suspension kit is able to save you money on gas. While saving money is always important, safety is even more critical. These kits increase your safety by leveling your vehicle out, again. An additional accident prevention tool is an air horn. These horns are two to three times louder than their factory cousins. Increased control and making your presence known may prevent you ever being involved in a costly accident.

Why Should I Get An Air Suspension System

The main reason to add an air suspension system to your car or truck is safety. Air springs add lift to the towing area of your vehicle to improve your control and ride. Here are a few situations that an air suspension kit can eliminate.


How many times have you hooked up a trailer or camper and there is a sag at the hitch? That sag leads to some vehicle control issues when you are at highway speeds. You can eliminate that with an air suspension kit. The variety of setting available can help you level out loads of varying weight. This also eliminates excess sway at speed.

Headlight Aim

Occasional campers, weekend boaters, and now-and-again haulers all run into the same problem. When their vehicle is under load the headlights point up into the air. If your load is heavy enough to unbalance your vehicle, then the front tires are not securely on the ground and you lose a certain amount of control. An air suspension kit levels out your vehicle, aiming your headlights correctly and reestablishes full contact with the ground for maximum steering control.

Rough Ride

As vehicles age, springs get a little stiffer. When you are carrying a load, there is not as much play in the suspension. You may even have trouble dragging your tail pipe. Air suspension kits will help to take some of the strain off of old or overburdened springs and smooth out your ride. Once it is smooth, maybe you could put a new exhaust tip on without worrying about dragging it off on your next job.

An air suspension kit can prevent a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle while it adds a measure of safety to each time you are hauling a load. Now, a suspension kit does not have to necessarily be practical. You can use on to get that little bit of lift you want for the rear end of a project car. Add the kit and an exhaust tip and you have a little show as you go. The best thing about these kits and tips is that they can be installed with tools you should be able to find in any garage.

Air Horns Are Not Just For The Game

When people think of air horns, they usually picture a can with a plastic horn on top that they can carry into a ball game to show support for their favorite team. At one time that may have been the only type of air horn available and the only possible use for it. Today there is a great number and variety of air horns available for your vehicle with many different uses. Here are a few of the most common uses for a modern air horn.

Old Time Feel

There is a certain nostalgia associated with the old time aooga horns that we connect with the cars from the 20′s and 30′s. These air horns put a finishing touch on a restoration or can be a great way to add an air horn to your golf cart. They are louder than the average car horn, easy to install, and will turn heads wherever you go.

High Noise Areas

Areas where there is heavy construction. Dense traffic zones. Crowded industrial parks. These are all areas where the noise level can drown out a standard horn. Air horns can do two things for you in these situations: they give off a blast of up to 152 decibels and have a different sound than standard horns. A louder blast with a different sound will stand out from the background noise that all of the other drivers are doing their best to ignore. Grabbing that little bit of extra attention can be the difference maker that prevents an accident.

Add Character To A Restoration

When you are completing a project car, you want to feel that it will stand out from the others at a show or in a parade. How do you do that? A lot of people are chopping the roof, dropping the car, and putting on excellent paint schemes. The little touches are left. Musical air horns or just one very loud air horn could be the way to go. Either way, you are guaranteed to stand out in the crowd.

Air horns are almost a forgotten game day accessory, but they are still a vital addition in some driving situations. On other occasions an air horn may be the difference maker for a project vehicle. Whatever you use them for, enjoy your air horns.