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Two Reasons To Use An Exhaust Tip

Usually they are the last touch when a vehicle is customized. An after thought to some, but usually a necessary addition to hide a bare metal blight on your car. An exhaust tip can be that crowning touch. The last little thing that needs to be added to give your project the feel that it is done. They can be used to add a look of personality or used in combination with an air suspension kit to give a flashy look. Here are the two most common reasons that people add a new exhaust tip to their vehicles.

The Usual Suspect

First and foremost, people add a new exhaust tip to give their car or truck a customized look. Everyone want a personalized touch in the vehicle that they are driving. Some people take that desire to the exterior of the vehicle as well. After market valve caps for the tires, air suspension kits, and exhaust tips are a few easy do-it-yourself modifications. The Chevy bow-tie, a heart shape, or powder-coating to match the color of your car are some of the hundreds of options you have in an exhaust tip.

Clean Up Your Act

You have seen them, the cars that have the soot buildup on their rear bumper or just behind the rear tire. The worst are the exhaust systems that are run through the rear bumper. Any number of things could have happened: tail pipe fell off, factory extension rusted away, or the rear end dragged and pulled the original exhaust apart. Whatever happened, that black soot stain is not an attractive feature for your vehicle. An exhaust tip, though decorative in nature, is a great way to extend your exhaust system an extra few inches to avoid the staining. Granted, they do require a small amount of tailpipe to be in place, but they can be an inexpensive way to save your paint job. If your car is dragging on driveways and bumps, you may need to add an air suspension kit as well as an extension to your exhaust.

The exhaust tip is usually the first thing a young kid thinks of to add a little something to their car and the last thing added to a project car. Thoughts may move to air suspension and valve stems later, but the exhaust tip is quick, easy, and inexpensive, but always important.

Make Your Presence Known With Train Horns

People who drive for a living have all been in a place where they have found their original equipment horn to be inadequate. The only real solution is to add train horns to your vehicle. These air horns add the decibels needed to be heard over the din of heavy traffic. Here are a few situations where adding a set of louder horns to your vehicle could be the difference between an accident and safely passing through.

High Noise Area

Many of us have passed through an area where the noise level is so high that you could not think straight and all you wanted to do was get through as quickly as possible. The background noise itself becomes such a distraction that other drivers may not be able to pick out a standard horn in the cacophony. If you have a set of train horns on your vehicle, you do not have to worry about your horn being lost in the crowd. The high decibel blast, repeated if necessary, will bring attention to your vehicle and help you avoid dangerous driving situations.

Dense Traffic

A traffic jam by any other name will still be a colossal pain. Bumper-to-bumper at 5 miles an hour and it looks like you are going to be late to work. It is even worse after a hard day. There is definitely no shortage of horns being blown. After awhile, they all blend together into one noise that you shut out. There is no shutting train horns out. These air horns deliver double, or more, the decibels of an average car horn.


One of the most reckless situations to be in is on a boat. Not your driving, but the people around you. They are pulling inner tubes, skiers, or just plain going as fast as they can across the water. Neither situation lends itself to the driver paying attention to other boats. Train horns will drag their attention back to their surroundings quick enough. Then there are the foggy mornings and nights. Air horns deliver the needed warning blast to keep other boaters on their toes.

Train horns have many sensible applications. The most basic tenant of them all is that air horns can help to prevent accidents and save lives. With train horns there is no mistaking that you are there and someone needs to pay attention to what is going on around them.

Slam It Or Stabilize It With Air Suspension

Air suspension kits have many practical use and the occasional not-so-practical application. They can be used to help when you tow a heavy load, reverse the sag in the springs of older cars, or just to lift a car for a more attractive ride. Here are a few of the reasons to install air suspension and what problems it will correct.


The most common time that you may want a little more lift in the rear end of your truck is when you are towing a heavy load. The load placed at the back of the vehicle aims your headlights at the empty air and lifts the front tires just enough to increase your chances of losing control of the vehicle. This sag can also cause you to drag on high driveways or bumps in the road. An air suspension kit can eliminate all of these problems by raising the rear end a few inches. This redistributes the load enough to lower the front end, aiming the headlights correctly and putting the tires more firmly on the ground. The lift will help you clear driveways and road hazards.

Fix Age Related Sag

Some cars have a reputation for their rear springs sagging with age. Some trucks sag from heavy use. No matter what the cause of the sag, adding air suspension to the rear end will negate the results. Granted, if the springs are broken you will have to replace them, but if they are only bent or bowed, this is a quick fix to an expensive problem.

Glam Your Ride A Little

A lot of guys out there like to raise the rear end of their project car a little. You are not going to get a 9 inch lift from an air suspension kit, but something like 2-3 inches is not unheard of. Just enough to give your car a sleeker, hungrier stance as it rolls down the street or sits in a show. Another nice addition is a chrome or stainless steel exhaust tip. Sometimes, the smallest touch is the one that finishes a project.

Not everyone wants to go to the expense of changing to heavy duty springs. An air suspension kit is an inexpensive way to avoid that cost and fix your problems. When you are tricking your ride, these kits, along with a shiny exhaust tip, can be the difference that counts most.

Drive Safer With Train Horns

The horns in cars and trucks that are manufactured today are produced with two things in mind: minimum decibel requirements and production costs. The federal government has set a minimum decibel requirement for horns to inure that they are heard by other drivers and the manufacturers meet those requirements as cheaply as possible. Your only alternative to these junk horns is to install train horns in your vehicle. Air horns add many features to your vehicle, but, most of all, they increase your safety while driving.


Okay, volume is a no-brainer with train horns. Many people do not realize the volume of air horns can be used for something other than to attract attention. It is not uncommon for workers to commute or work in high noise, high traffic areas. When you put those two together is can spell disaster. These areas offer limited sight and hearing for drivers that are stressed because of the situation. The increased ambient noise levels make it difficult to hear some of the soft horns that are factory installed in vehicles. Train horns will help to insure that other drivers are aware of your presence and can prevent accidents in high noise areas.

Decorative Add-Ons

Sure, this applies mainly to truck drivers. Not just semis, but pick-ups as well. The air tank and delivery system for you new air horns will be hidden, but you can choose to display your train horns on a fender or the top of the cab. The majority of the horns available are chromed so that they can be easily integrated into any design scheme.

Cost Of Train Horns

Train horns come in a variety of designs, decibel levels, and costs. Some of the musical air horns, meant to be hidden, can be as inexpensive as $50 per kit. As the number of decibels that the system generates increases, so does the price. A system that puts out 152 Db can retail as high as $399.

Train horns are an easy way to increase the safety of your daily commute. Many trick drivers have found that, due to the amount of time they are on the road, a louder horn has saved them from being in a number of accidents. Why gamble on your safety when air horns can help you prevent an accident?

Air Horns: The Finishing Touch

When customizing a vehicle, sometimes it is difficult to feel that the project is finished. It is not the big details that concern you, but the last minute small touches that seem to ‘complete’ the customization. Its just a feeling, but it will not go away. Something as small as an air horn can be the finishing touch that makes you feel satisfied. You do not necessarily have to be doing a complete customization to install air horns. Add-ons often make a vehicle feel like it is yours. Here are a few final touches that you may have overlooked.

Air Horns

Normally, adding an air horn is associated with trucks. Not just semis, but pickup trucks as well. These horns are not just so you can really stand out in a group of cars. Many people operate their vehicles in very high noise areas and the less than manly horns that modern cars are equipped with may not get the job done. An air horn will not have that problem.

Stainless Exhaust Tips

You can add the loudest exhaust possible or just put a new H-pipe on, but the metal that your exhaust system is made from is not designed to be attractive. It is functional in design only. On the other hand, you can buy stainless exhaust tips in any design that you can imagine. Adding a new tip will not reduce the decibels or sound quality coming from your exhaust.

Performance Racing Gauges

Adding air horns and custom exhaust parts are great for the exterior of your vehicle, but what about the interior. Once you add NOS or other performance adaptations to your engine, your factory gauges may not be adequate. The only solution is to add hi-performance racing gauges. These gauges will add functionality and design to your vehicle.

Whether it is a set of air horns, exhaust parts, or a more functional set of gauges, custom parts for your vehicle combine your personality with function. An air horn announces your presence as well as says ‘Hey look at my sweet ride’. Sometimes it comes down to the finishing touches to make a vehicle feel like it is yours.