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Posts tagged: air suspension

Train & Truck Air Horn Kit Install Part 3

Part 3 of 3

So you bought yourself an air horn kit for your ride.  Congratulations!!  There are many different applications that an air horn and a VIAIR on board air system can be install in. We cannot possible cover them all.  Below are some suggestions and things to think about BEFORE you install your new air horn kit.  Assured Automotive Company has been in the auto industry since 1994.  The sales staff and technicians got together to give you some suggestions.

Now you have your Assured Performance Air Horn location decided along with were you are mounting your VIAIR air components.  You now need to put it all together. We will just focus on the VIAIR under body style kits.  These are kits were the compressor is not part of the air tank assembly.

1. Connect the compressor stainless steel leader line to tank port.  Keep in mind you will want to use teflon tape or plumbers dope on all threads you are screwing into the tank. You will not want to use the port on lowest part of tank.  You will need that port for the tank drain petcock.  When screwing the compressor leader line into the tank pay special attention to not cross the threads.  DO NOT over tighten the leader line, see warning label on leader line.  If compressor is not located close enough to the tank to use the leader hose, use the “T” fitting and use 1/4 inch line included with the kit.

2. Thread the VIAIR pressure Switch/Relay that is included in the kit into a tank port.  Wire the relay.  White wire to compressor positive wire.  Run the red wire with the inline fuse from battery to the red wire on relay labeled “battery”.  Pull fuse from inline fuse holder before connecting to battery terminal.  Run another wire from an ignition source inside the vehicle, like the radio circuit, to the switch panel included with kit.  Then run a wire from switch panel to the relay lead marked “trigger”.  Ground the black wire on relay and compressor.  Your system is now wired up.

3. Run the 1/4″ air line included with the kit to the air horn solenoid.  Avoid kinking the air line. Avoid shape bends.  If your horn included a barbed fitting on the solenoid, remove the fitting and replace it with the compression fitting included with the kit.  Connect the air line to the solenoid.  Insert a compression fitting in one of the tank ports and connect the air line.  Included in the kit is a pressure safety valve for the tank.  It is a good idea to use this valve.  Thread the included safety valve in a vacant tank port.  On the most bottom tank port thread the included drain petcock into it.

3. The Train Horn kits that Assured Automotive Company sells include air solenoids or electric air valves.  These valves is what allows the air from the air system to enter the horn manifold, thus sounding the horn.  When the solenoid receives 12-24 VDC it opens and allows the pressurized air to pass thru to the horn manifold.  You can use your existing horn switch(steering wheel) or you can incorporate a separate momentary switch.  With Assured Performance Air Horn Solenoids a relay is not required, amperage draw is only 3 amps.  Wire one of the solenoid wires to a 12v positive source.  Ground the other wire.  It doesn’t matter which wire you use for the positive.

4. You are now ready to air up.  Double check all your wiring and air line connections.  When everything checks out, insert fuse into the inline fuse holder.  Start your vehicle, Switch the panel switch to ”on”.  Compressor will begin to fill the tank.  Depending on compressor size and tank size this could take anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes to fill to 150psi.  Being sure everyone within 100 feet of vehicle has ear protection, you can now test the horn.

5. Last step.  With a spray bottle of 1 part dish soap and 5 parts water, spray all the air fitting on the system checking for leaks. Fix leaks by either tightening fittings or using extra teflon tape or plumbers dope.

6. ENJOY!!

The staff at Assured Automotive Company would be more than happy to assist you with any install or mounting questions you may have.  We are sure you will enjoy your NEW Assured Performance Air Horn for years to come.

Air Lift Air Bag Suspension Kits

Air Lift manufacturer has air suspension kits for most vehicle applications.  Whether you  looking to slam you new Honda Accord or you want stability for heavy hauling in your F-Series Ford Pickup.  Air Lift Suspension is your answer.

Air Lift has a Customer Satisfaction Warranty and a Lifetime Warranty on their Air Bags.

Hauling Additional Weight

Adding air springs does not change the Weight Rating (GVWR, GCWR, GAWR) of a vehicle. Adding weight over the factory rating is dangerous and voids your Air Lift warranty. Weight ratings take into account tires, bearings, frame, brakes and more. So just increasing your suspension’s ability to support weight does not increase the weight ratings. Never exceed your vehicle weight ratings.

Air System

A common question about air suspension is whether an air system is needed for air suspension.  The answer is no, but it is sure nice to have.  You can add air from any source as long as it provides sufficient pressure to service the springs. On Board Air has become popular because it is so convenient, and because it is harder to find service stations with air available. All adjustments are automatic, or can be made right from the dash, even while driving.

Lifting Your Vehicle

If you’re asking if conventional air springs can take the place of a lift or lowering kit, the answer is NO. If you’re asking if air springs will cause a normal ride height vehicle to ride higher, the answer is, YES, if you want them to, by adding pressure, but only by an inch or two. If you DO want to lower your vehicle, look into AirLift EasyStreet line of products.

Who do you call?

With a lot of knowledge and fast service BEFORE and AFTER the sale, Assured Automotive Company is your answer.  AACo will put together the correct air suspension for your application and for the BEST Prices.

AACo can set up complete system that allows user to use air tools, air horns, and of course air suspension.

Don’t drive unstable loads anymore, air suspension kits start at under $300. A very small price to pay for safety of driver and other road users.

Be Safe Out There..Happy Motoring.

On Board Air Systems-Not Only for Air Horns

If you ever walked up to your ride and noticed you had a flat tire.  You will wish you had an on board air system installed on your vehicle.

Assured Automotive Company has a complete line of VIAIR On Board Air systems in stock.  AACo will know what fits your application and your needs.

What type of vehicle are you  installing the VIAIR System on and what are your needs for the system??  Those are the 2 most important questions you will be asked by a knowledgeable representative at AACo.

When Air Systems range in price from $190 to over $600 there is no reason to install a system that is overkill.  On the other hand, you do not want to be underpowered.

VIAIR On Board Systems are great for supplying air for inflating tires, but can also be used to operate a pneumatic impact gun for removing the lugs.  It doesn’t stop there.  You can use your VIAIR On Board Air System to supply air to a set of train air horns.  Do you have air bag suspension for slamming or overloads??  You will have plenty of air for suspension needs.  If your4x4 has air lockers of course you will also have plenty of air for them too.

Assured Automotive Company supply’s VIAIR Systems for many commercial uses also.  Systems for vehicle tow services to mobile detail service that use the air supply for blowing water from crevices on the vehicles they are servicing.

With VIAIR On Board Systems ranging from 120psi to 200psi and from half gallon tank kits to 5 gallon tank kits, there is a bit to be considered.  Remember your needs for the system and possible future needs when picking out the correct VIAIR System for your vehicle.

Why use VIAIR on board systems??

Assured Automotive Company offers the most comprehensive line of VIAIR air compressors & air accessories for both the on-and off-road markets available anywhere.

The quality engineered compressors and components are also used in the OEM segment, and have become the industry standard for both 12- and 24-volt automotive aftermarket applications worldwide.

VIAIR compressors are currently deployed to every corner of the Globe; in the world’s harshest environments from arctic climates to the world’s most unforgiving deserts in a multitude of applications.

VIAIR products are currently used by 12 of the Fortune 500 Companies (Non-Automotive), in market segments ranging from Oil Service to Aerospace, from Agriculture to Healthcare. VIAIR Corporation is recognized by its customers and peers alike as the leading manufacturer of high performance air compressors for mobile pneumatic applications.

Like Assured Automotive Company, VIAIR’s goal is to consistently deliver performance, reliability and value to our customers; providing the ultimate Vital Air Source – the heart of any mobile pneumatic system to our valued partners worldwide.

Assured Automotive Company not only will supply the user with their needs, but at a great price. With a knowledge and experience in the on board applications.

Assured Automotive Company has in the past carried many different brand 12v air systems.  The other brands did not hold up well and was a constant warranty issue for the company.  In 2007 Assured Automotive Company decided to only carry the most reliable units, VIAIR.  Assured Automotive Company knows the in and outs of all the components.  It is that knowledge that helps the consumer make the correct choice time after time.

So whether you need an 12v or 24v system to supply air to your air horns, air suspension or out in the corn field to your tracker tire.  Assured automotive Company and VIAIR is your answer.

Can I Improve My Gas Mileage With Air Suspension?

Between the slow economy and high gas prices everyone is trying find a way to save money. Installing an air suspension kit may help you do just that. Driving under load is when you use the most gas and spend the most money. If the loads you are moving are part of your livelihood, then you definitely want to take every step possible to save as much money as you can to improve your bottom line. Here are a few ways that an air suspension kit can save you money by improving your gas mileage.


This is a little off topic, but safety is every driver’s concern. An air suspension kit can help to level out the sag at the hitch. This puts you in firmer control of your vehicle. Adding an air horn to your vehicle will help you keep other driver’s ‘heads up’ and help you to avoid an accident. Avoiding an accident is better than finding out how good your insurance is.

Reduce  Sag And Sway

One of the most common issues when you are towing a load is the sag at the hitch. This sag contributes to a few of the driving problems that can cause you too lose gas mileage. The first problem is that the front tires lose firm contact with the ground. This decreases the amount of steering control that you have. Next, the sag allows your load to sway at highway speeds. An air suspension kit levels your vehicle so that you are in complete control of your vehicle and decreases sway. Each of these issues demands more gas and, when eliminated, will help you to improve your gas mileage.

By simply putting you back in firm control of your vehicle and load, an air suspension kit is able to save you money on gas. While saving money is always important, safety is even more critical. These kits increase your safety by leveling your vehicle out, again. An additional accident prevention tool is an air horn. These horns are two to three times louder than their factory cousins. Increased control and making your presence known may prevent you ever being involved in a costly accident.

Why Should I Get An Air Suspension System

The main reason to add an air suspension system to your car or truck is safety. Air springs add lift to the towing area of your vehicle to improve your control and ride. Here are a few situations that an air suspension kit can eliminate.


How many times have you hooked up a trailer or camper and there is a sag at the hitch? That sag leads to some vehicle control issues when you are at highway speeds. You can eliminate that with an air suspension kit. The variety of setting available can help you level out loads of varying weight. This also eliminates excess sway at speed.

Headlight Aim

Occasional campers, weekend boaters, and now-and-again haulers all run into the same problem. When their vehicle is under load the headlights point up into the air. If your load is heavy enough to unbalance your vehicle, then the front tires are not securely on the ground and you lose a certain amount of control. An air suspension kit levels out your vehicle, aiming your headlights correctly and reestablishes full contact with the ground for maximum steering control.

Rough Ride

As vehicles age, springs get a little stiffer. When you are carrying a load, there is not as much play in the suspension. You may even have trouble dragging your tail pipe. Air suspension kits will help to take some of the strain off of old or overburdened springs and smooth out your ride. Once it is smooth, maybe you could put a new exhaust tip on without worrying about dragging it off on your next job.

An air suspension kit can prevent a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle while it adds a measure of safety to each time you are hauling a load. Now, a suspension kit does not have to necessarily be practical. You can use on to get that little bit of lift you want for the rear end of a project car. Add the kit and an exhaust tip and you have a little show as you go. The best thing about these kits and tips is that they can be installed with tools you should be able to find in any garage.

Two Reasons To Use An Exhaust Tip

Usually they are the last touch when a vehicle is customized. An after thought to some, but usually a necessary addition to hide a bare metal blight on your car. An exhaust tip can be that crowning touch. The last little thing that needs to be added to give your project the feel that it is done. They can be used to add a look of personality or used in combination with an air suspension kit to give a flashy look. Here are the two most common reasons that people add a new exhaust tip to their vehicles.

The Usual Suspect

First and foremost, people add a new exhaust tip to give their car or truck a customized look. Everyone want a personalized touch in the vehicle that they are driving. Some people take that desire to the exterior of the vehicle as well. After market valve caps for the tires, air suspension kits, and exhaust tips are a few easy do-it-yourself modifications. The Chevy bow-tie, a heart shape, or powder-coating to match the color of your car are some of the hundreds of options you have in an exhaust tip.

Clean Up Your Act

You have seen them, the cars that have the soot buildup on their rear bumper or just behind the rear tire. The worst are the exhaust systems that are run through the rear bumper. Any number of things could have happened: tail pipe fell off, factory extension rusted away, or the rear end dragged and pulled the original exhaust apart. Whatever happened, that black soot stain is not an attractive feature for your vehicle. An exhaust tip, though decorative in nature, is a great way to extend your exhaust system an extra few inches to avoid the staining. Granted, they do require a small amount of tailpipe to be in place, but they can be an inexpensive way to save your paint job. If your car is dragging on driveways and bumps, you may need to add an air suspension kit as well as an extension to your exhaust.

The exhaust tip is usually the first thing a young kid thinks of to add a little something to their car and the last thing added to a project car. Thoughts may move to air suspension and valve stems later, but the exhaust tip is quick, easy, and inexpensive, but always important.

Slam It Or Stabilize It With Air Suspension

Air suspension kits have many practical use and the occasional not-so-practical application. They can be used to help when you tow a heavy load, reverse the sag in the springs of older cars, or just to lift a car for a more attractive ride. Here are a few of the reasons to install air suspension and what problems it will correct.


The most common time that you may want a little more lift in the rear end of your truck is when you are towing a heavy load. The load placed at the back of the vehicle aims your headlights at the empty air and lifts the front tires just enough to increase your chances of losing control of the vehicle. This sag can also cause you to drag on high driveways or bumps in the road. An air suspension kit can eliminate all of these problems by raising the rear end a few inches. This redistributes the load enough to lower the front end, aiming the headlights correctly and putting the tires more firmly on the ground. The lift will help you clear driveways and road hazards.

Fix Age Related Sag

Some cars have a reputation for their rear springs sagging with age. Some trucks sag from heavy use. No matter what the cause of the sag, adding air suspension to the rear end will negate the results. Granted, if the springs are broken you will have to replace them, but if they are only bent or bowed, this is a quick fix to an expensive problem.

Glam Your Ride A Little

A lot of guys out there like to raise the rear end of their project car a little. You are not going to get a 9 inch lift from an air suspension kit, but something like 2-3 inches is not unheard of. Just enough to give your car a sleeker, hungrier stance as it rolls down the street or sits in a show. Another nice addition is a chrome or stainless steel exhaust tip. Sometimes, the smallest touch is the one that finishes a project.

Not everyone wants to go to the expense of changing to heavy duty springs. An air suspension kit is an inexpensive way to avoid that cost and fix your problems. When you are tricking your ride, these kits, along with a shiny exhaust tip, can be the difference that counts most.