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Can I Improve My Gas Mileage With Air Suspension?

Between the slow economy and high gas prices everyone is trying find a way to save money. Installing an air suspension kit may help you do just that. Driving under load is when you use the most gas and spend the most money. If the loads you are moving are part of your livelihood, then you definitely want to take every step possible to save as much money as you can to improve your bottom line. Here are a few ways that an air suspension kit can save you money by improving your gas mileage.


This is a little off topic, but safety is every driver’s concern. An air suspension kit can help to level out the sag at the hitch. This puts you in firmer control of your vehicle. Adding an air horn to your vehicle will help you keep other driver’s ‘heads up’ and help you to avoid an accident. Avoiding an accident is better than finding out how good your insurance is.

ReduceĀ  Sag And Sway

One of the most common issues when you are towing a load is the sag at the hitch. This sag contributes to a few of the driving problems that can cause you too lose gas mileage. The first problem is that the front tires lose firm contact with the ground. This decreases the amount of steering control that you have. Next, the sag allows your load to sway at highway speeds. An air suspension kit levels your vehicle so that you are in complete control of your vehicle and decreases sway. Each of these issues demands more gas and, when eliminated, will help you to improve your gas mileage.

By simply putting you back in firm control of your vehicle and load, an air suspension kit is able to save you money on gas. While saving money is always important, safety is even more critical. These kits increase your safety by leveling your vehicle out, again. An additional accident prevention tool is an air horn. These horns are two to three times louder than their factory cousins. Increased control and making your presence known may prevent you ever being involved in a costly accident.

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